Chicago Police No Longer Allowed To Chase Criminals On Foot

CHICAGO -- Chicago police officers will no longer be allowed to chase people on foot simply because they run away or give chase over minor offenses, the department said Tuesday.

Officers won't be allowed to chase people on foot if they suspect them of minor offenses such as parking violations, driving on suspended licenses or drinking alcohol in public. But they will still have discretion to people who they've determined are committing or about to commit crimes that post "an obvious threat to any person."

Kids today, man. They have it so easy. This City has a long and storied history with crime. Arguably Chicago's most famous icon after Michael Jordan is Al Capone. If you told Al Capone that police were not allowed to chase you he'd look at you like you were fucking insane and not just because his brain was rotted by syphilis. There used to be "honor among thieves". They had respect for their craft because it took years and years of getting pinched, evading police, paying off police, and hiring teams of lawyers for piles and piles of their hard-earned laundered money. Now you don't need a lawyer to get out of a charge. You just need a track coach and a good pair of running shoes and it sounds like if you steal those running shoes the police aren't allowed to chase after you. 

There's just never been an easier time to be a criminal. The article's headline is a little misleading because there are some guidelines about when officers can pursue

But like...what about theft? Michigan Avenue isn't what it used to be because these big retailers are getting knocked over. Is that considered a "minor offense"? And what the fuck does it mean to say "pursuit prohibited if risk outweighs arrest"? Whose discretion is that left to? Sounds like language that would cause the officers to error on the side of just letting people get away with crimes because the risk to them doing their jobs is losing their jobs. 

I don't know what the answer is to some of the issues with policing and crime in this city, but this ain't it.