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VIDEO: $8 Million Florida Mansion Destroyed By Project X Party

A group of around 200 partiers broke into an $8million Florida home and turned the foyer into a boxing ring before fleeing from police.

The Walton County Sheriff's Office was called by security to a house in Watercolor for a 'noise complaint' on Saturday after a large group of rowdy partiers broke in and damaged the property. 

A flyer was allegedly passed around for a week on Snapchat, announcing the break-in, which the Sheriff's Office said in its post: 'Yes, we know about that too.'

Once officers arrived at the five-bedroom, eight-bathroom home, the group fled and was seen on Snapchat exiting the house through the backdoors.

Partiers can be seen fleeing around the inground pool into the backyard as the front doors open.

One man can be heard nervously saying: 'What the f**k,' while another yelled at others: 'We got to go, we got to go!' 


Well, this is one for the ages. If you were to have an $8 million mansion wouldn't you get some serious security on it or at least a security system? I personally believe this had to be an inside job. I think this whole break-in narrative is BS and it's def one of the kid's parents' houses.  

My favorite part of all this was the boxing in the living room. I wonder if they had scheduled bouts for the party or if they just grabbed 2 guys from the crowd ready to throw down. The thing is we can probably distinguish whose mansion this is by the kid with all the championship rings. I mean I know they are the victim but I feel like one of their kids just threw a party at their spot. 

Even though this kid is a total douche, it had to be pretty cool putting on those rings. Hope they didn't get stolen because that would really, really, suck for the guy. Weirdo move to go look through a parent's stuff at a house party. Just enjoy the open crib and make out like bandits.