Famous People Things: Jack Grealish Apparently Spent Over $100,000 On A Vegas VIP Package, Gets Blasted To 'Hang Out With Better People'

I can't stop laughing at how dumb this story is, mostly because we've all seen it before. This is Vinnie Chase's story arc. Can't say I blame Grealish. It always looked fun to be Vinnie Chase or one of the boys. Speaking of which, watch this week's Dog Walk: 

Complete side note real quick: getting Jonah Ryan in round 5 is such a steal. Also quick break from a quick blog to watch the Jonad Files: 

Okay, back to Jack Grealish being Vinnie Chase. We got a bit off topic there. That's what I get for plugging other people's stuff as a team guy. Is spending that much money for you and your boys to enjoy Vegas crazy? I don't think so. That's called being a pal. It's part of the territory that no one ever really talks about. If you have a solid core group of friends everyone comes with a benefit. Some might be money, some might be connections to free tickets, some might be the basement or patio set up, etc. In this case it's Jack Grealish being rich as balls and liking to party.

That said, not everyone is happy: 


Call me crazy but who gives a shit? Grealish is 26 years old and in the offseason. Rich people get drunk and spend money. Not exactly breaking news here. That said, this view of him leaving the club hits a little too close to home: 

Mind you he was also with other soccer players along with his friends!

Let the man get drunk. Man City has plenty of talent, who cares if Grealish doesn't live up to the hype. 

PS: This man is going to SUFFER in Qatar.