Keenan Thompson Earned Himself A Spot In The Hockey Chirpers Hall Of Fame After Destroying The Toronto Maple Leafs At The NHL Awards

Keenan Thompson's hockey chirping career started off hot right out of the gates. It looked like he was primed to have one of the greatest careers in the history of the game. I mean the fact that this dude chirped Team USA so hard at the '96 Junior Goodwill Games that it eventually led to him getting a spot on the roster? That's legendary. 

And sure, he had a decent run with the Eden Hall Warriors Ducks after. But his production really dropped off from there and we thought he'd go down as another superstar whose prime was cut too soon. Think of guys like Eric Lindros, Pavel Bure, Paul Kariya, etc. 

But last night was vintage Keenan Thompson. Ruthless, spiteful, downright mean. 

Here are the Toronto Maple Leafs just out here trying to enjoy a historic night for their franchise. Auston Matthews become the first Leaf to win the Hart Trophy since Ted Kennedy in 1955. The first Leaf to win the award in the lifetime of their current players, current head coach, and current GM. The first Leaf to ever win the Ted Lindsay Award, which wasn't given out until 1971. And to close out this historic night, they get absolutely STEAMROLLED by Keenan Thompson. We're talking Scott Stevens coming flying across the ice with his elbows out and launching directly at their skull. 

I wouldn't be shocked if Keenan Thompson has an in-person hearing with the Department of Player Safety after that one. That hit was low and it was late. At the very least, a $5,000 fine which is the maximum allowed under the current CBA.