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Everything About Shohei Ohtani's Monster Game-Tying Blast Last Night Was Spectacular

I know, I know, I know the Angels ended up losing this game in extras, but I can't do anything about that. What I will do is talk about the greatness of Showtime Ohtani. Dude comes up in the 9th inning of a wild game, already having one 3-run homer in the bank and does what? He connects, and I mean CONNECTS on a ball and sends it 1000 mph off the bat and into the night. 

In plays, run(s)

That bat speed through the zone was absurd and what a gorgeous swing. Absolute detonation on that hanger.  

The stare down was spectacular. Not a doubt in the world if that ball was fair or foul, that's just a God admiring his own work. 


The call was money as well. Matty V home furious he had the night off.

Unfortunately in typical Angels fashion they found a way to spoil Ohtani's two homer, eight RBI night because they can't pitch for shit. Fifth player since 1901 to drive in that many runs and not be on the winning side. Here was the first blast by the way. 

Giving up 12 runs to the Royals should be punishable by relegation. Angels really gonna roll out a top four of Ward, Trout, Ohtani, and Walsh and not sniff an expanded playoff. Shameful.