Alex Honnold Taking A Climber For His First Ever Free Solo Will Make You Poop Your Pants 10 Different Times


I know this is a 30 minute video. I never watch 30 minute videos. This one is a must-watch. In one corner you have Alex Honnold, who if you don't know, stop right now and watch Free Solo, and then come back. I assume most people reading this have at least heard of him- he's the best climber in the world and he climbs very tough mountains without ropes.

In the other corner is Magnus Midtbø, one of Norway's top climbers and one of the best climbers in the world.

He hit up Honnold that he was going to be in town and Honnold said great, come climb with me. Perfect, right? Well, Honnold, being a psycho, decided he would make Magnus free solo for his first time. Yes, like, "hey thanks for, no, leave the ropes, we'll do this the old fashioned way". It's god damn insane.



And so they do. And it's a ridiculous climb. Alex is filming with one hand, joking around, like he's on a Saturday stroll through the park. Meanwhile poor Magnus is scared out of his mind. I actually started getting mad at Alex because he was too jovial when one slight breeze could make them plummet to their deaths.



Honnold is just a one of a kind maniac. Super sad at the beginning when he lightly said all his friends had either "died or moved away". Like those are the same thing to him. Just one of a kind brain.