Dana White Says Nate Diaz Should "Probably Go On And Fight Jake Paul"

Woah, what a quote from Dana White right there! I'd recommend listening to the full exchange it came from (5:30 in the below video) for aded context, because it's a lot more lighthearted than the quote reads....

....but the whole conversation and tone from Dana shown there just surprised me a little. 

There's been a lot of frustration from Nate Diaz over not getting offered fights coming out over social media these past few months, via tweets like the ones below....


….and every time I've asked Dana about Nate recently, he hasn't really said much. I even asked if there was any update on him less than two weeks ago and got met with a stern "No"….

From that Mac Life quote, I kinda feel like Dana's trying to say Nate has been asking for absurd fights (like a title fight with Kamaru Usman) and turning down others (like a possible trilogy with Conor McGregor) and he's getting fed up with it? He's got one fight left on his deal, and some assumed the UFC/Dana didn't want to give him a fight until he re-signed with the UFC, but Dana says he owes him a fight, so who knows what's gonna happen!

I hate to say it, because I know a lot of you guys hate any mention of Jake Paul - but I'm actually interested in Nate Diaz fighting Paul. I think Diaz could whoop his ass and it'd be legendary. I don't think he'd be able to do it this Summer at MSG like I'm sure they'd both like….


….but maybe Nate could be next for Jake in November/December. I feel like that's a fight made for Los Angeles, as well.

I'd be willing to bet whoever Nate fights next will be his last opponent in the UFC. He could capitalize on this thriving market of self-promoted superfights more than almost anybody and set himself up for generational wealth - or maybe he'll just sign with Bellator to fight in Hawaii….

Crazy times - I don't know if MMA news has ever felt more unpredictable day-by-day.

P.S. We interviewed an electric up-and-comer named Danny Sabatello and Bellator title challenger Johnny Eblen (who is fighting Gegard Mousasi this week) on the Spinnin Backfist MMA Show this week….

….and I'll be heading down to Atlanta with Ev tomorrow for the PFL 5 card on Friday. We're going to be with Anthony Pettis in the entire build to his fight - it'll be awesome. Look out for that.