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NBA Draft Chaos Is Officially Here: Jabari Smith's Odds To Go No. 1 Overall Keep DRASTICALLY Dropping

What the hell is going on out here? I have talked about it before but I'm addicted to the NBA Draft. Always have been, always will be. I talk to people about the Draft all the time because I want to know what they know, etc. This? This is starting to make not a whole lot of sense. Jabari Smith was all but a lock to go No. 1 to the Magic. Everyone knew it, shit it was reported that it was all a lock: 

But something is happening. Either the Magic are switching their entire line of thinking or they are possibly trading. (h/t Sam Vecenie) 

Orlando has done its due diligence on all of the top group of prospects in differing ways. I don’t think this decision has been made for weeks or anything like that, and we’ll just find out about it on draft night. Also, what were designed leaks in order to try to persuade Oklahoma City to call them to move up to No. 1? What is accurate? There are a lot of smoke screens across the league right now.

Well, okay that makes a bit more sense. I don't know why OKC would try and move up to No. 1. That doesn't make much sense when there's a clear tier of 4 guys in the top. They have the 2nd pick, it's not like they are the Pistons in the 5 spot and trying to move. OKC should wait to move or keep taking assets. 

This isn't even an anti-Paolo take or anything like that. Jabari fits what the Magic like to draft. I know people are knocking his ability to be a creator but he's always been great with a first move and that tended to be good enough to get his own shot. He's coming off a year where he put up 17, 7.5 rebounds and shot 42% from three. Not too shabby on a numbers standpoint. He's also a good defender. Versatile, can protect the rim, all that good stuff. Then throw in that the Magic need to stockpile as much talent as possible and you can make the case that Jabari is the most talented prospect in this year's draft.

That said I'm going to fire on Jabari at -137. I still think the Magic take him. It wouldn't make sense for them to trade back and think that's who they go with. 

This is one of my favorite parts about this week. Trying to figure out what's real. Trying to figure out what teams are leaking that they want out there for a reason. It's all about positioning and getting the news out there that you want it to be. I'll have a full picks blog on Thursday for what I like and watching odds move. But as of today it looks like we might have some chaos up top.