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The Fourth Of July is Almost Here!

It's almost here y'all! Our favorite beer drinking, America loving holiday, the Fourth of July! 

For the fourth my family from Rhode Island and Missouri come out to the middle of nowhere Illinois, and we all jump on the boat, beer in one hand, and pool noodle in the other. It ends up turning into an absolute shit show, and it is awesome. haha 

My uncle and aunts yard has beersbee, cornhole, and tables full of food set up in the yard and our family just has an whole ass day. 

As everyone knows, it's not the fourth of July without a badass patriotic outfit! That's why I came out with some new shirts, tanks, and flags for this upcoming holiday. All 30 of my family members that can make it to the party this year has already notified me that they indeed have bought one of these items. haha 

Watching the fireworks this year? This shirt is for you!

This shirt will help you shot gun your beer faster!

Hang this SOB on your boat or outside of your house! This flag is AWESOME!

Fishing this fourth? Or are you getting ready for shark week? Ding Ding Ding! You found a winner! 

Nothing screams America like the bald eagle!

First fishing tank didn't peak your interest? Well check out this sweet American flag / fishing design! 

Keep the sun out of your eyes with the one and only Barstool Outdoors America trucker hat! You'll reel in the chicks with this guy. 

Need a new bikini for the fourth weekend? This is clearly a winner & it won't get ruined in the local pond/lake! 

This has been our best seller for a year now & constantly sells out! Can never go wrong with a golden retriever holding the American flag! 

Watching the fireworks from the boat? This isn't a want but a NEED! 

Can't have a cold drink without a koozie!

Just like the tshirt from the very top, but in tank top form. If you sweat like me, the tank may be the way to go!

Last but certainly not least, a cooler to store your food or drinks in! This is a limited edition Orca x Barstool Outdoors cooler with limited stock left.