I Heroically Battled A Flat Tire This Morning And Won

My worst nightmare since becoming an adult was to have to change a tire on the side of the road. It seemed completely out of my wheelhouse and something I wouldn't be able to muster. Luckily, I overcame that fear 5 years ago.

This morning while driving my son to school I heard a weird almost clicking noise. I turned the music off and immediately thought of KFC's video of his car making a weird sound.

I didn't want to get in a predicament where I'm having to push my car, so I pulled over. I drive a Honda C-RV. I don't like the vehicle, but with car prices now, it makes sense to probably buy it when our lease is up. One of the things I hate about it is if tire pressure is "low" it'll just say "tire pressure low" and won't tell you which tire or how low. So I've driven around with tire pressure being low for months and it's been cool. They classify "low" as anything under 30 psi. I just refilled the tire last week, so figured I was set for some time. So when I pulled over to check, I immediately went to the driver's side rear tire and saw it was fairly deflated. I was already about 1/3 of a mile from my house and the mechanic was only about 2 miles away on quiet suburban roads. So I decided to play hero ball and drive to the autobody shop. That's right, on a flat tire.

To answer any car guy's next question, no I did not consider I could hurt the rim. I'm not a car guy! I'm merely just a humble draft expert and commissioner of Mike Trout's fantasy football league. So when it comes to possible rim damage, all I thought about was saving money on calling a tow truck and how there was no way in heck I was changing a tire this morning.

And while that decision may not have been the most informed at the moment, all's well that ends well - I got the call from the shop and the tire has been replaced with no damage to the rim! The Cheaters are sick! If this situation were to present itself again, I'm driving to the mechanic every time. No risk it, no biscuit!

Now lets go play some basketball.