The Trailer For Stranger Things 4 Volume 2 Just Dropped And Shit Is About To Get CRAZY In Hawkins

I'm not one for wishing precious summer days away since the winter makes me the saddest boy at Barstool outside of Feitelberg. But can July 1st just get here already? I was excited to see what would happen in Season 4 before Volume 1 ended with a motherfucking BANG (said in Mike Breen's voice).

However seeing that there is actually a plan to wrap up everything along with a trailer that teases some stuff while likely leaving a wholllllle lot unseen is great. Anyway, here are some quick thoughts about that trailer:

- No offense to Papa (who I still can't believe is still alive), but I thought that Eleven's friends were prepared for this fight considering they have fought against some of the best the Upside Down had to offer back when they were in elementary school with no idea there even was an alternate haunted reality. But Papa don't lie.

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thinks about it

Actually I'm pretty sure that's all that asshole does to the point he may be lying that he is even alive. Whatever. He is clearly saying that to hype up Eleven for her inevitable fight against Vecna and I'm all for weaponizing the superhuman with psychic abilities with the fate of Hawkins if not the world on the line.

- Speaking of which, we don't get a lot of Eleven in that trailer but I like to think that's because we are going to get Eleven not only with her powers back but her powers back along with a little anger on top thanks to that C-Word Angela whose head is probably still gushing blood from that roller skate wound. An Eleven with a little extra anger on top is pretty much Disney Star Wars Vader in my mind, which is to say badass as FUCK (a few Rogue One and Obi-Wan spoilers below if you haven't watched it yet)


FUCK. YES. Okay, this isn't the Obi-Wan recap, even though you can get all your Obi-Wan Barstool content here.

Nonetheless, I am stoked to see what an unhinged Eleven is capable of doing, especially with this type of budget.


- As for some of the other special effects scene, I have one word to say to this guy.

- "It is over. Now I just want you to watch" is some real deal creepy villain shit on par with the greats like Buffalo Bill and Joffrey Baratheon. I'm expecting a Steph Curry performance out of Vecna in Volume 2 if not beyond, who honestly may be worse than either of those sick bastards along with whatever other villain you want to lump in there considering what that piece of shit did to innocent rabbits along with his mom, sister, dad, and a bunch of total strangers.

- Uhhhh is Eddie about to shred in Vecna's stupid face to save his friend(s)? Because if so, that's metal as fuck.

I'm calling my shot now. Eddie is gonna play a song that Nancy loves to get her out of the upside down then bite a head off a bat Ozzie style.


Fucking METAL.

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- I love that the Upside Down monsters in Russia are a little behind the times of their American counterparts, just like most things pop culture (Suck our collective dicks, Putin).


- As for the American side of the coin… 

I've seen enough 80s movies to know the American military people are going to 

a. Fuck everything up for the good guys

b. Get absolutely run through by whatever villain they are righting

- Murray becoming Rambo is something I didn't see coming but fuck it, let's have fun!

- It's Nancy. 

Ms. Wheeler if you're nasty.


This just gave me the weirdest boner, which I think means it's time to wrap up this blog.

For anybody that finished Season 4 or clicked on this blog like a maniac without finishing Season 4, Robbie and I did quick 15 minute recaps for each episode exclusively on the My Mom's Basement YouTube. We will also be doing a full preview of Volume 2 on the podcast, so make sure to subscribe to that on Apple or Spotify or both to help keep the basement lights on.

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