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Luca de la Torre Bailing Out USMNT In Our Last Match Then Showing Up On Vacation Wearing His Own Jersey Is An A+ Power Move

Just in case you forgot what Luca de la Torre did last week: 

But now he's out here on vacation wearing his own jersey. I can only respect the hell out of that move. It's not like it's a blank USMNT jersey either. It's a flat out Luca de la Torre jersey. I know the jersey vs non-jersey debate is something that happens far too often. Personally, I don't give a shit what you wear. Doesn't impact my life one bit. 

But soccer jerseys? They are comfortable and they are key for warm weather. A little loose, breathable, important for sweaty guys. You know who you are if you're a sweaty guy. The key to a hot vacation if you're a sweat guy is simple. Fishing shirts, Hawaiian shirts and soccer jerseys. Three of the best go-tos in that situation. Just trust me. 

I was on the side of de la Torre being on the World Cup roster before this? Now he better be. Shit, part of me thinks he might need to be in the starting XI. At the same time seeing that picture is just another reminder how trash those jerseys are. We used to have the best. 

Michael Kunkel. Getty Images.

This tie-dye bullshit? No thank you.