Amber Heard Spotted Shopping at TJ Maxx, Is Officially a Common Poor

TMZ — Amber Heard is facing a stark and expensive reality after the Johnny Depp trial -- namely, that she could be on the hook for millions ... so it's no surprise she's out bargain hunting.

Check out this video, obtained by TMZ, which shows AH shopping at a TJ Maxx in Bridgehampton, NY Thursday afternoon -- where she was accompanied by her sister, Whitney Henriquez, who testified on her behalf and who's been tagging along lately.

People want to give Amber Heard shit for this. "Oh how the mighty have fallen", they say. "Lol she's so poor she's shopping at TJ Maxx, Johnny Depp is laughing". Etc, etc. Well guess what? There ain't a damn thing wrong with being a Maxxinista. I've found some great clothes at low prices at TJ Maxx myself, and I don't even owe my ex 8.3 million dollars for trying to ruin their life. 

I think Amber Heard should embrace this. She lost the case both in the court of law and public opinion, so what better way to bounce back than go from riches to rags? People love this type of story. While Depp is cruising around the world on his boat, Heard is now a common folk like you and I, searching for deals on the clearance rack. Besides, being caught a a Maxx still isn't as embarrassing as her performance in the trial, so she's got that going for her. 

At the end of the day, you just hate to see remarkably unlikeable Hollywood elites fall from grace. What a shame.