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Australians Are Just Built Different: Old Man Beats The Hell Out Of A Crocodile With Nothing But A Frying Pan

Australia is the wildest place on Earth. Just littered with animals that want to kill you 6 ways from Sunday. If I saw a crocodile on my property I wouldn't go outside for 6 months. This guy just dumps the eggs he was cooking and goes toe to toe with an animal that bites with 3700 lbs per square inch. Americans...we grab a phone so someone else can deal with it. Australians grab a frying pan and then get on with their day. I wouldn't go head to head with a raccoon. Those things are fucking scary. The first time we went hunting with Sydney she made me chase down a opossum and when it turned and hissed at me I felt a little pee leak out. I feel like I should go to Australia for a summer just to learn how to be a man. I spent most of last weekend outside and the sun absolutely kicked my ass. I wasn't fighting crocs, just drinking rose wine and I still almost died. Australians just have that natural survival instinct that comes from being a nation born of criminals in a land that nature is constantly trying to tell humans that they don't belong. I could use a little bit of their sand paper.