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Steph Curry Naturally Ended Parade Day By Taking The NBA Finals MVP Trophy To The Club And Getting Drunk As Hell

I don't know what it is about Steph but he seems like he'd be hilarious to get drunk with. He's basically the same age as me but for some reason he just still has that I finally got a fake ID, let me go out for the first time look. Speaking of looks - he's in a completely different time zone here. Dude can't speak. Dude is doing the dance where he thinks he's moving but it's just an arm or two going at the same time. 

I know it wasn't winning an NBA Finals, but the best celebration will always and forever be Tim Duncan and the Spurs. Shout out Aron Baynes: 

Will never stop laughing whenever I see that video. But this is about Steph. Just goes to show you how much people still care about winning a title. This is number 4 yet somehow you would think this was the first ever one. Granted it is number 1 with an NBA Finals MVP. That's how you end up doing this: 

Laying on the floor is 100% the story here and not faking the night night celebration. That's how you know the man was drunk as hell.