Charles Barkley Joined Multiple Stanley Cup Game 3 Telecasts And It Was Equal Parts Random, Hilarious And Bizarre

I was today years old when I found out NBA legend, renowned basketball analyst and one-of-one personality Charles Barkley is a knowledgeable fan of the NHL. Not only did Chuck join the ESPN crew during intermission, but he also jumped in as part of Canada's Sportsnet programming. In both those appearances, Chuck did as only Chuck can do.

It must be pretty cool when you can casually call up NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and get Stanley Cup Final tickets on command, which is exactly what he did for Monday's Game 3 between the Avalanche and Lightning in Tampa. 

The Bolts won in a 6-2 rout, but Barkley made his presence known, let me tell you. He started off the proceedings by saying how Mark Messier owed him $500...can always count on Chuck bringing up SOMETHING wild...I'm just surprised it wasn't betting-related! Bless him. And that was just the tip of the iceberg, as you might suspect.

No need to say much else to preface this. Shout out to Jayson Tatum: You and your triple-digit turnovers in the NBA playoffs won't soon be forgotten, particularly by Sir Charles!!

Eh, maybe Chuck is just jealous of how aggressively not bald Tatum is. I bring that up because when Barkley guest-spotted on Sportsnet, he paid compliments to broadcaster Kyle Bukauskas for his lush mane of hair.

Nothing like a bit of not-so-subtle flirting on your Stanley Cup coverage! Barkley is borderline thirsting for this dude. I'm not here to judge. I have a feeling Chuck was a little sauced by this point anyway and was probably feeling even friendlier than usual. Who could blame him? It's the NBA offseason. He's living his best life. Amalie Arena even put him on the Jumbotron and he got to show off some moves.


Charles Barkley is a fucking national treasure. Never change, Chuck — and hell, maybe jump on more hockey coverage. The sport is as exciting as it's ever been and could use some of that Round Mound of Rebound flavor.