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Big Kush, Vagina Guns, and Working Undercover: EP. 1 of Billy's list with the Dutch Hammer

This is a must-watch interview with a man who has seen some shit you couldn't dream of. The first video episode of Billy's List features a former police officer turned Medical Marijuana grower that has some wild stories. Vagina Guns, PCP, Meth labs. This is a can't-miss interview. 

This is the first episode of what hopefully will become a multi-weekly thing. Hopefully, with good viewership, there will be more resources allocated towards this project, and we can get some better quality. 

These interviews are done live in Billy's List discord and involve members of the chat contributing to the conversation. 

If this interview interests you, you check out The Hammer's book on amazon. Some of the proceeds go to mental health causes for law enforcement.