Brooks Koepka Has Removed The PGA Tour From His Twitter Bio As LIV Golf Rumors Intensify

Well well well... lookie here. Before tonight, that bio said "PGA Tour / Nike Athlete". Now it is blank.

It's extremely possible that Brooks is just trolling here. That would be very much like him to fuck with everybody as they're trying to read the tea leaves on who's going and who isn't. Brooks is actually in the field for this week's Travelers Championship and can obviously withdraw, but why would he have even entered it in the first place if he was jumping ship to LIV?

His testy press conference last week had people thinking a lot of things as well. He called the media out for "throwing a black cloud over the US Open" with all the LIV Golf talk.

You can take that as face value (which he's not wrong about, the pre-tournament conversation was very much all about LIV Golf) or you can interpret that as him trying to devalue the problematic nature that is LIV Golf.

My guess? Brooks is as good as gone. Hell, his brother played in the first event over in London. There were rumors flying by the end of the weekend that a multiple major winner would be joining LIV Golf week and Brooks definitely fits the description. And he's the next closest thing there is to DJ in terms of "accomplished player who does not give a flying fuck what people think of him". He's very much a valuable target for their team.

I suppose we'll wait and see if an announcement (and withdrawal from the Travelers) comes. Gonna be wild when Brooks and Bryson are paired every week (or better yet... put on the same team!).

Update... here it comes...