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CHOO! CHOO! Head On A Swivel When Klay Thompson Is Coming Through On Parade Day

Listen you gotta keep your head on a swivel during parade day. You never know when a top-75 player of all time is going to come launching you like CT in a Hall Brawl. That's all I can think of watching this. Klay, being an athlete, doesn't hit the ground. Sure, the slip is embarrassing but who hasn't tripped after what is a *likely* bender? Who hasn't tripped sober? Everyone has. Embrace it. In Klay's case he just so happened to knock this poor person off their feet and send them flying to the ground. 

That's also right along the time he lost his damn championship ring: 

Tough scene out there for Klay who started the day losing his damn hat. 

We knew Draymond would be the one with the soundbites, but Klay is having himself his own damn day. That said, I respect the shit out of Draymond stopping to get ice cream. 

Ice cream is delicious and you don't stop for ice cream. Just like Klay won't stop falling until he sends your ass flat to the ground. Have a day Klay. MVP.