Penn Badgley Voiced A Mario Tennis And Golf Player Named 'Kid' At Age 9 And It's A Sound You'll Recognize Immediately

Here's a random fun fact that you never needed to know: Penn Badgley voiced a Mario Tennis Player named 'Kid' when he was 9-12 years old! At first, I had absolutely no clue what he was talking about, but once I heard the "Ah-CHOO," it all clicked. I SWEAR I've heard that exact noise before, but I would've never in a million years thought it was Joe from You who voiced the character.

Talk about a well-rounded career for Penn. Being able to voice a video game character? Check. Playing a scandalous blogger from Brooklyn that ends up marrying Blake Lively? Check. Murdering multiple people while being able to seduce every woman he sees? Check. (PS: Gossip Girl is one of my favorite shows of all time.)

Back to gaming, it's also ridiculously on brand for Nintendo to name a kid in their game 'kid.'

Let's look at some gameplay from the infamous Mario Golf 64:

Mario Golf still holds up in today's gaming world. Even the latest version on the Nintendo Switch (Mario Golf: Super Rush) was an absolute blast to play with in the office:

Going off that same Nintendo wave, this week's Barstool Plays was the NEW Mario Strikers: Battle League! We have two best of 3 matchups: Billy vs Arian Foster and myself vs TJ! 

Watch below: