Klay Thompson Is The Early MVP Of The Warriors Parade Day, But This Goat Is Damn Close To Stealing The Show

The whole goat thing is overplayed. Every single time a player or a team wins a game or a title, whatever, there's always, ALWAYS, a picture of said person as a goat. However, in San Francisco we have someone bringing a damn goat to the parade. It's impressive for the sole fact that you got a goat into a jersey and is staying calm. I'm not here to say I'm a goat expert, but it's an animal. They shouldn't be calm. 

That said, no one will top Klay. He accidentally gave us one of my favorite clips of parade day before it even started: 

Before I decided to embrace being bald, I was a hat guy. Had to cover up the bald spot, especially also being short average height. Couldn't have half the world seeing the bald spot. Then I decided I didn't want to be the 35-year old hat guy. Don't get me wrong, I'll rock a golf hat from time to time. But it's about embracing the baldness. Anyways, back to Klay, who for sure isn't a bald. Losing the hat is brutal. Not even the fact it's a championship hat, just a hat in general. That's a day ruiner. 

Until he got his backup hat: 

The man is just so happy to take his boat around the bay. Can't blame him. Boating is the best. Even better when it's not your boat and it's your pal's boat. You never want to own the boat, just want the right to go on one whenever you can. I don't care if it's parade 4 for these guys. You should celebrate. You should get loose and have a day, if not a week. 

That fucking goat though man.