Adam22 Perfectly Broke Down The Life Of A Typical Poker Player


I saw this clip today and thought wow, that is the perfect encapsulation of what it means to be a poker player. Like, literally could not have said it better myself. I sent this clip to all my poker player friends and we were all in agreement- while we are mad at Adam22 for letting the cat out of the bag about the lives we lead, we are glad and relieved the truth is finally out there. Because it's true- a normal day for a poker player is wake up, eat cereal, watch YouTube videos, and then have a threesome with your wife and a hall of fame squirter. 

And even if you aren't a poker player, you get what he's saying. I know all you 6'4, 225 kings can relate. Sometimes you just want to chill. You want to catch up on the newest Brad Owen video and your wife is begging you to fuck her and another girl. Your couch gets ruined because you fuck her until she creams everywhere. It's the WORST! Like c'mon ladies, Brad Owen just check shoved the river with air and you're trying to suck my dick right now? So frustrating!

We'll talk about the rough lives we poker players live on tomorrow's episode of Cracking Aces. 



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PS: In seriousness, Cracking Aces is a pure passion project. Love everyone who listens, we appreciate it a lot. We're on a heater with episodes, and I think last week's was especially good. So thanks to everyone who checks it out, follows on socials, etc. It's just fun to talk poker, and get better at poker as a result of all the amazing guests we have on.