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We Have A Controversial Opinion On Drake's New Album

Drake released his surprise album last Friday & it came with a hate storm. Any surprise album is going to be under more scrutiny because it's a ballsy move so as fans we expect a big bang. Our first listen we didn't love because it's not typical Drake. This album is meant for a Vegas pool party with bottle service. 

I saw a tweet that said if you don't like this album then you don't like to move your body & we weren't going to stand for that. We like to move, even if a lot of the songs sound the same.

Drake also pulled the if you don't like this album then you don't get it. This is the ultimate cop out move but it works because no one doesn't want to get it. 

We have an interview with Hero Fiennes Tiffin to talk about his new movie & adapting to his new LA lifestyle. 

For the full breakdown listen to yesterdays's Chicks in the Office here: