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Tom Segura Once Saved A Man's Life After He Got In A Motorcycle Accident

On today's Pardon My Take... TOM SEGURA! The comedian joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter once again on today's show to discuss his new book, a reveal of the potential "Worst Of" episode coming soon, an update on his friendship with Bert Kreischer, and much more. Segura also mentioned a wild (actually wild) story about the one time he saved a man's life... literally. I'll let the guys take it away from here, but this is a crazy one.

Tom Segura: I was with my younger sister, we were going to a friend's house, and on the way, she points out that she saw something in a field. And then... I didn't want to turn around because it was a one-way street, I was like, "No." She's like, "I swear." We go around, go around, and we see a motorcycle in this field and I'm like, "Oh shit," because the headlight is on, and it's laying on its side. And we start walking around, and about 20-30 feet away is a body. 

Mr. Cat: Holy shit... When did the crash happen? Could you figure it out? Did you piece it together?

Tom Segura: It must have been pretty recent. And when I went up to the guy, I see him laying on something. My sister was like freaking out. I get close and I'm super nervous, never been around… so I go, like, "Sir…" I don't know what to do. And I inch closer with my finger out, my index finger, and I end up just touching him on the shoulder, and when I touch him, I'm like, "Sir…" He groans, and I'm like, "Holy shit." And at the time, I'd probably say the same thing right now, which is, "Don't move." You always hear, "Don't move somebody in an accident." I'm like, "Don't move, don't move, don't move." And he, like, starts moving, and I'm like, "Sir, stop. You were in an accident. And then he pushes himself up, he's laying down, he's pushing himself up, and when he sits up, the top of his head just flaps open, like fully flaps open. And I'm like, gasps… I had already called 9-1-1, once I saw him, I called 9-1-1, and then the police come, the ambulance, and they land a helicopter in there, and they take him out that way. 

Mr. Commenter: Was he dead when the the helicopter landed?

Tom Segura: No, he survived.

Tom Segura: lifesaver. I can't imagine what being in that situation was like, but at the end of the day he helped the situation and the man who was hurt. Crazy.