Why Is Traffic Still A Thing?

We have invented so many things in this world that doesn't really need to be around. For example non stick pans or toothepaste holders, fuckin put the toothpaste in the drawer. I tweeted this and people did answer something like civil engineers are which is a fancy name for traffic fixer. 

I have had a lot of ideas to fix traffic. 

My first idea was we need time slots where you're allowed to drive on the highway. So the most normal jobs that a lot of people have, Convenience stores, accountants, gas stations all that need to get to work early takes the highway from 5-7am. You then have wall street bros 7-9 so they can get in before the bell and anything to do with finance, butchers, breakfast workers are in the time period too. Scientist and all jobs that have ologist at the end can go from 9-11. Now you can only get onto the highway if you have your job pass on your car and if you try and go on the highway and its the wrong time you will have to veer off to the right and not be allowed on. Doctors have an unlimited pass and every person gets 2 emergency passes a month just incase they need to get on the highway. The weekends are a free for all, I cant control travel on the weekends thats above my pay grade. I want to talk to one of these civil engineers and see if they have anything close to what I have. Also Nate told me that more lanes on the highway just makes traffic worse so I can see these Engineers getting frustrated. I think there isn't enough trial and error. If we just designated one person who gave updates on ideas that someone is actually trying people would be happy. (Insert comments that could be my job in 7 months) I have more ideas about traffic but I don't have the attention span to form them into sentences right now.