The 'Jello Shot Challenge' at an Omaha Bar Is the Greatest Business Idea (Scam) Ever Devised

You have no choice but to tip your cap to Rocco's Pizza in Omaha, Nebraska. They have concocted a way to turn alcohol consumption into a competition among the eight fanbases at the College World Series — six of which are rivals with at least one other in some fashion — and seem to be making a comical amount of money.

At last count, Rocco's had sold 7,922 Jello shots — unsurprisingly carried heavily by Arkansas and Ole Miss fans — at $4.50 each for a total of $35,649 through just the first weekend of the CWS. From what I've seen on Twitter, the shots are pre-packaged, which I imagine Rocco's is getting for probably $0.25 each with as many as they're buying. And they've convinced drunk SEC fans they're competing with people they hate every time they buy a round. It's absolutely brilliant.

And it's easy to see right through this scam from the outside, but I know damn well I'd be downing Jello shots in the name of the Tennessee Volunteers if we would have been fortunate enough to make it to Omaha — pain. Tell me my money is going towards a competition against Arkansas and Ole Miss fans and I'll buy anything you want.

Rocco's has figured it out. Bravo.