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Andrew Wiggins Needs To Take A Lesson From Klay Thompson When It Comes To Partying After Winning A Title

Looking good Wiggins! I can't stop laughing at this picture on how much Wiggins looks like he's on a different planet. He's gotta take a pointer or two from Klay here - most notably, wear sunglasses. If he had sunglasses on no one knows he's uh enjoying himself out there in Vegas. One of those guys has to be a pal and get him an extra pair. They are like $5. You know Klay is laughing his ass off as he posted this too. Klay has celebrated far too many titles to not know it's hilarious and what he did to Wiggins. 

I know it's tradition but it's still insane that the Warriors made a little pit stop in Vegas to party. It makes up for this disappointment: 

You really can't let us see the Warriors players talk shit one more time publicly? Fine. They are going to do this and tweet about it. Someone make sure Wiggins has sunglasses for today though.