If You Had A Nickel For Every Goal The Archers Scored This Weekend, You Would Have A Whole Dollar | PLL Week 3 Recap

Now that might not sound like a ton of money. But it's still a ridiculous amount of nickels to be carrying around. 

The Archers waited until the squad got on national TV before they decided to go on an offensive rampage. A quick 20-9 win over the Cannons and everybody ate. 8 points out of Will Manny. 7 points out of Tom Schreiber. 6 for rookie Matt Moore who was 3-for-3 shooting on the day. Every time the Archers touched the ball, they were disrespectfully launching it on a one-way flight to the back of the net. 

And somehow that still wasn't the greatest performance of the weekend in the PLL. The goalie battle in Atlas vs Whipsnakes was insane. 17 saves for Concannon in a losing effort, 14 saves out of Bernlohr. The Whipsnakes defense found a way to completely neuter the Atlas offense which looked to be legitimately unstoppable up until this week. So now the Whipsnakes move to 3-0 just the same way as they had in all 3 of the previous seasons in league history. The Chrome are right there with them at 3-0 for the first time in team history. And the Waterdogs remain winless on the season after choking away yet another 4th quarter lead like the bad dogs they are. 

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