Keep Kyrie And His Ability To Ruin Franchises As Far Away From The Knicks As Possible

[Source] - For the Knicks, the likely path to acquire Irving depends on what the Nets prioritize. New York is even with the salary-cap line for 2022-23 so it could clear enough space to sign Irving on a maximum contract by offloading salaries such as Evan Fournier, Alec Burks, Nerlens Noel and Kemba Walker. But the Knicks could also offer some or all of those players to the Nets or a third team in a possible sign-and-trade.

I feel like this blog should be maybe 1 word long. No. Maybe fuck no. I don't know all I know is I don't want Kyrie on the Knicks. I don't want Kyrie close to the Knicks. Yes, I'm well aware he'd be the best player the Knicks have had since like Allan Houston, but Allan Houston doesn't ruin franchises. 

That's why Kyrie does. He ruins franchises. It's funny that he ruined the Celtics during his time there and soon to be Nets because fuck both of them. But that's all I can think about. He's not worth the headache. You never know when he's going to play. You never know what he's going to say and go off the deep end. You never know if he's going to want out or what he's thinking. 

Simply put we don't need that headache. We have our own headaches. We have James Dolan. We have Bing Bong. We have to deal with all the jokes about the Knicks losing. It's not easy being a Knicks fan. I don't care about adding the talent that is Kyrie. I care about praying that the Knicks can somehow figure shit out without him. I don't need to lose picks and/or younger guys with some potential just for Kyrie. 

Just send him to the Lakers. Him and LeBron deserve each other out there. I'm sure it'll work well this time around.