Jake Paul Will Fight Mike Tyson

Do we live in a simulation? Yeah, we do. Mike Tyson is 55. Jake Paul is 25. That's a 30-year difference. The only boxing fight with a bigger age difference I can remember is 34 years between a retired baseball player and some kid. I actually think this will be a fair fight as long as there is no drug testing. As long as Mike Tyson can take his TRT and smoke weed while fighting, he will win. This is not a crazy hypothetical that's how he fought Roy Jones Jr as the main card in the event that made Jake Paul famous.

If you remember that fight, Tyson didn't look like Prime Tyson, but he sure as hell looked dangerous.

Jake Paul has proven to be a great fighter. He has surpassed the whole influencer fighter to a guy who can hang with pro fighters. Not saying champion fighters, but he is better than amateur. He is a great combination of precise footwork, power, and good defensive skills.

The one difficulty for Jake is we are finally going to see him fight a dude who is bigger than him. 

Mike Tyson will be the tallest person who Jake has fought. Mike is considered small for heavyweights. He is 5'11, and that is the tallest opponent Jake has faced. We will see if this shapes out by the end of 2022 but it's not like Mike looks old and slow from his Roy Jones fight. It's a different beast when you fighting Tyson.