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Matt Fitzpatrick Reportedly Refused To Party During A Bachelor Party Before The PGA Championship Because Majors And Millions Of Dollars Is Awesome

I somehow missed this yesterday but wanted to still blog it. Why? Because I can't stop laughing at 1) how absurd it sounds just via a couple tweets and 2) like yeah, it makes sense. Winning majors and millions of dollars is awesome. If it was right before, I don't know, like the Valspar Championship then he should be partying all night. But the PGA Championship? That's *slightly* different. 

Now on the flip side - because I'm a blogger and not a US Open winner - a 27-year old refusing to party at a bachelor party is absurd to say out loud. Let me be more specific. A rich 27-year old who has all his friends at his house and refusing to party is absurd. But that's Matty Fitz baby. 

If you're going to be a pro golfer this is part of your shit. You have to lock yourself into the room and get some practice swings in. Study the course, don't be afraid to play some golf video games to see the course that way too. Anything it takes because winning majors is so awesome. I know hot take there. But winning majors has to be a top feeling in the world. 

Safe to say Fitz and the boys are going to have a good time after this. Now you go rage. Now as a friend you get to benefit from having a super rich, US Open winning friend. You say yes no matter what you have going on when Fitzpatrick hits up the group text and invites you to party. 

PS: A+ picture: