If The Avalanche Care About Their Fans At All, They'll Make Sure They Lose Game 3 Or 4 So They Close Out In Front Of Their Bonkers Crowd

The Colorado Avalanche clearly have home ice advantage due to the altitude. But we're not talking altitude as far as height above sea level is concerned. We're talking about the altitude of vibes in Ball Arena. I mean how can you possibly expect any opposing team to walk into that barn and come away with anything but their tails tucked between their legs?

Not only is this Avalanche team loaded with weapons at every position who will gladly put you out of your misery every time they step on the ice, but then you also have to deal with this wagon of a fanbase? You get a touchdown and an extra point hung on your in game 2 of the Final and that's not even the worst part of your night. It's having to listen to the fans perform a full Blink concert right in your grill while all you can think about is how badly you wish that damn clock would just zero out so you can get the hell out of there. 

It's June. The Tampa Bay Lightning know just as well as anybody out there that you want to be playing your best hockey in June if you want to win that final game of the season. And right now I'd say the Bolts are the 3rd best team in this series. It goes 1A) the Avalanche, 1B) the Avalanche fans, massive gap, 3) Lightning. 

Which is why if the Avs cared about their fans even in the slightest, they'd make sure they lose this game tonight. You owe it to the fans to close out this series on home ice. If that was the last time these Colorado fans get to watch their team play, then they put on the performance of a lifetime. But they earned the right to scream sing "All The Small Things" while watching the boys take a few laps around the ice with the Cup raised above their heads. It's pretty damn apparent the Avs are the better team in this series. Tampa has also played a shit ton of hockey over the last few years and they're gassed. Everything is stacking up for a sweep but they need to overcome the obstacles ahead of them and find a way to lose. 

Just lose a damn game. That's all that matters right now. 

P.S. -- While we're talking about Colorado teams winning championships, congrats to the Mammoth on winning the NLL Finals over the weekend.  

Colorado just owning the world right now. But this only reinforces my point. Mammoth fans didn't get a chance to see their team win the NLL Cup on their home floor. Avs need to make up for it in 5.