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Holding Your US Amateur Trophy While They Engrave Your Name On The US Open Trophy Is Such A Tremendous Flex

There was a day when the US Amateur was considered a major championship in its own right. It's unclear when that designation went away (some say Jack Nicklaus called his 2 US Amateur wins as major wins until Tiger came along... who had 3... but that's a convo for another day) but it's one of the most treasured trophies in all of golf. Only 13 guys can claim to have won both these trophies. Matty Fitz is now one of them. 

To do it at the same place is wild though. Only Jack could make the same claim.

Fitzy stayed in the same room of the same house this week as he did back in 2013 when he won the US Am. Why change up something that works? It's all about keeping up that winning mentality. You have to think that the minute he decided to bring his US Am trophy with him is the moment the US Open became his. That's just alpha shit. The rest of the tournament was just a formality. Think this tweet just about sums it up.

Now he gets to hold one piece of hardware while they engrave the other. Awesome.

Matt Fitzpatrick. King of The Country Club. USGA Savant.

UPDATE: BAM. Double-fisting.