RIP To This Drug Dealing Monkey Who Was Killed In A Cartel Shoot Out

Warning: Dead monkey below.


Live Fast, Die Young Bad Monkeys do it well. Yeah, this is the latest ridiculous monkey story since the stripper monkey incident.

I mean if you are going to join the cartel, man or monkey, you gotta know it's going to end like this. Even Pablo Escobar got shot.

This would be a very sad picture if we didn't have footage of the monkey ride shotgun the way a shotgun is supposed to be ridden, with a gun. 

They are trying to give this drug-dealing monkey the Harambe treatment but it's not catching on. This monkey probably killed somebody. Harambe didn't do shit besides be cute and adored by all. But then again it's not the monkey's fault he was groomed as a young monkey. Sad.


Realistically this monkey was forced into the cartel-like many other cartel members in the same situation. Just because this monkey was dressed in a cute bulletproof vest doesn't mean he was about that action. At the end of the day, the vest didn't help.