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Manny Machado Had To Be Helped Off Of The Field After A Pretty Rough Looking Ankle Injury

Awful stuff here for the guy who looked like he was the clear cut favorite for NL MVP. Manny has a history of bad injuries on the first base bag, I’ll never forget Tampa in 2013. Here he steps on the base awkwardly and you can see him go flying and the ankle twisting and looking very loose. You hope it’s the shoe that’s loose and wobbling and more the foot itself. I mean it looks rough, it looks bad. Broken? Bad sprain? Idk but it’s sucks. A Padres team that’s been without their other superstar infielder, they can’t afford to lose Manny too. He’s stayed insanely healthy since his knee injuries way back when, you just hope this isn’t anything season ending. And there will be a ton of losers applauding this injury, just know you’re a clown. Manny‘s one of the best players in the league and now looked at as a leader for the Padres. Again you gotta hope this isn’t something long term. Just cross your fingers because this looked bad.