Josh Donaldson is Such An Asshole It's Incredible

Josh Donaldson's duel with Yusei Kikuchi today will be told in two parts. In part one JD got drilled by a fastball in the 1st inning causing him to spike his bat into the ground in rage. 

Mark Blinch. Getty Images.

Bit of a hardo move and I honestly think he was only mad about not getting a chance to hit. That and maybe wearing 94 on the elbow. Well lucky for him he got another opportunity in the 3rd and ambushed a 95 mph heater down the heart of the plate. This would be part two. 

Tremendous 10/10 pimp job. Bat flip, walking backwards, junk grab. Spectacular stuff.

The definition of a guy you absolutely love to have on your team, but despise when he's on the other side. Just a gigantic asshole on a fantastic baseball team. Going for 50 wins today. What a fucking season this. 

P.S. Seeing JD leads all of 3rd basemen in defensive runs saved was stunning. Him and DJ over there have really been lockdown. Just need Donaldson to do more of this because the bat has been subpar so far.