Grayson Murray Makes An Eight On The 7th, Promptly LAUNCHES His Putter To The Next Tee Box

Let's get it all out of the way because we're thinking it:

- Uh oh, here comes the putter throw

- Take it easy, psycho

Gotta admit though this is great distance. Just a cool chuck to the 8th tee from the green. Great distance, better form. This is how you do it when you launch a club. Just calmly take your ball out of the hole, a step or two and launch. I mean sure, we've all been there. It's been a few years but I once threw a pitching wedge. Played with a guy in my member-member last week who launched not only his driver but also a 7-iron. You just have to nervously laugh until the person takes a deep breath and realizes they are playing the most frustrating sport in the world. 

By the way, it's always a Grayson.