Nationals Reliever Steve Cishek Is Rocking The Ultimate Dad Cleats Today For Fathers Day

Steve Cishek gets to live every dads dream today. Play in a baseball game in a nice set of cleats. Affordable, great support, not flashy, a pair of shoes that get the job done. This pair of New Balances is a staple in every father's closet across America, Cishek went one step further and had someone make cleats out of them, how can you not love that. Perfect for coming in during a jam in the 8th inning and closing it down and then cutting the grass as Cishek said he plans to do today. It's really the only day you can rock these on the field, perfect for Fathers Day. These are about as plain as shoes come, and that is what dads want. No colors, no bubbles, no flair, just comfort and that is exactly what Cishek is going to get. As is tradition with dads they have to have 2-3 pairs of the same exact shoes and you can see some other New Balances in his locker so you know he's a legit dad. Once he gets out to the field and scuffs those bad boys up, gets some grass stains on them, then he'll unlock the real dad strength. Prob will just leave them in the garage too, those things don't come inside. Would stink up the joint. Love this look by Cishek on Fathers Day of all days.