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I can't catch my breath and neither can these UFC commentators tonight! Look at the UFC Austin results up to this point!

5-out-of-6 fights ended via KO/TKO and 4-out-of-6 fights ended via FIRST ROUND KO/TKO tonight! 

UFC vet Court McGee was everybody's favorite underdog all week (we've heard that story before) against Jeremiah Wells - but so much so that the odds actually swung in his favor by fight night, and that was the first thing that worried me about his chances. 

Betting on Court McGee as an underdog always feels good. He's a scrappy ass warrior who's upset many a fighters in his day. Underdog Court McGee is almost a meme at this point like Sea Level Cain or Motivated BJ, even….but favorite Court McGee?

Not so much. Sorry Court.

Congrats to Jeremiah wells on a phenomenal win here. 

It's almost like the fighters are all feeding off the energy of the previous fight and ending it quick once they step into the cage! The average fight time tonight is currently 4 minutes and 54 seconds and that includes a 15min decision! 

I'm not complaining, tho - this is awesome.