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Riley Greene Singled In His First Major League At Bat

I know it's a bloop single in a major league debut for a team that's one of the worst in baseball, but the Tigers needed this. They really, really needed this. Don't get me wrong. It's not going to change the season. It's not going to make this offense any less historically inept. But if you've been walking 100 miles in the desert, sometimes a Dixie cup of water will suffice. I said last night that hitting and winning are infectious. This may very well be true, but even if it is, the Detroit Tigers have been immune all season. I cannot stress enough how insanely awful this offense is.

That clip was a week ago. They've been shut out twice since then, exceeding last year's total. They also scored one run in Thursday's game against Texas. Despite this team's immunity to offense, they somehow got hot in the first inning today. Robbie Grossman hit his first homer of the year (he hit 23 a season ago). Javier Báez, who I wrote earlier this week, is the worst hitter in baseball, hit a two-run shot, opening the door for Riley Greene, who singled in his first major league at-bat.

Some cool things in life get old after a while, but seeing a player collect his first major league hit, especially if they do it in their first at-bat, is always awesome. When a guy gets drafted early in the first round and is hyped up as one of the next great prospects in baseball, I feel like we take for granted just how difficult it is to get to the major leagues. It's challenging to get there and even harder to stay. I hope Riley Greene stays and provides this fanbase with many more moments like the one we saw today. Detroit has waited long enough for good things.