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Rocky Mountain Heartbreak For The Champs...Tonight's EBR Winners!

The NHL playoffs and Stanley Cup Final has begun with an overtime thriller! EBR insight into the game and bets to make it more interesting for all fans!

GAME OF THE NIGHT - TB Lightning @ Colorado Avs (Series AVS 1-0)

Barstool Sportsbook Odds: AVS ML -143 Over 6 -114

Murls Breakdown: 

The finals kicked off with a great game and plenty of storylines.  As usual, the Avs came out with their hair on fire and put Tampa on their heels.  This start always leaves the Avs opponents as a counter puncher where you have to absorb the pressure the best you can and look for an opening to score.  

But as we have seen plenty in this playoff the Avs get on the board early and then add to it on the PP.  The call that put the Avs up 5 on 3 was either great if you had money on the Avs or the worst call of all time if you were on the Lightning.  Makar is such a great skater that when a ref sees him fall they probably assume he was tripped, kind of like if Ted Williams didn't swing the ump and called it a ball.  

But in true Tampa fashion there is no panic and they make it 2-1 but when it was 3-1, I thought the beating was on but I was wrong. The Avs made the mistake of allowing Tampa to get on the front foot by not playing in their system, which they tend to do. It is almost like the game is too easy and they do not stay disciplined.  Anyway, long story short we had an insane Live Stream and got a #murleyspecial for a few minutes, and the Avs are up 1-0. 

Game 2 is tonight and I think the flow of the game will look different with the refs putting their whistles away.  Clear penalties of course call but if it is close let the players decide 5v5.  Like all teams playing the Avs, their speed takes time to get used to. But also it is how they play in the offensive zone when they have both D down low it can be very confusing for the Lightning of who has who in the zone.  Tampa will let the Avs run around the outside like rookies at any bar on New Year's Eve while the veterans already have their spot claimed at the bar.  TB will pack it in and make sure Vasy can see the shots.  The Avs have to not fall for this and keep getting bodies to the front of the net.

With the refs keeping the whistles away, the game will flow better and the Avs come out on top in a low-scoring game that leaves TB more upset than when Lloyd sees his girl with his best friend.  Avs up 2-0 heading to the sunshine state.  


AVS ML -143

Under 6.5 -139 

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