Quavo Walks In A Barber Shop And The Barber Kicks The Current Customer Out Of The Chair In The Most Disrespectful Move These Eyes Have Ever Seen

I’m just sitting on my back porch minding my own damn business while drinking a glass of coffee and this tweet shoots across my timeline.

Barbaric! Simply barbaric. Look, I get Migos are basically the Beatles in Atlanta but a long-haired George Harrison could come in that shop after making sweet, affectionate, and drug-induced love to a sitar whilst recording Sgt Pepper and The Lonely Heartsclub Band while Eric Clapton’s girlfriend watches and I wouldn’t budge from that seat. You’d have to Sweeney Todd my ass right there. I ain’t budging without a cut through my neck. 

You want me to leave? Pay me. I need a cool 200 smackeroons in my back pocket to wait. Simple as that.

Anyway, I’m sure both gentlemen look great after their cuts but one should be lookin for a new barber.