Watching Thanos Fight Tuco From Breaking Bad Is The Perfect Way To Kick Off Your Saturday

I didn't think the best video I'd see in 2022 would be a mashup from a movie that was released three years ago and a show that ended almost a decade ago. But the internet is weird like that. Just when you think the internet can't be any worse for your brain, you get a matchup of two legendary titans from different cinematic universes that you never saw coming flawlessly edited together. I haven't said it in a while but God bless the internet.

Now if you will excuse me, I am going to watch the rest of the videos from the YouTube channel that made that instant classic. Hoping the twins make an appearance because those dudes were baaaaad news.

P.S. For the MCU fans, Robbie and I have been doing 5-10 minute quick hit videos about Ms. Marvel since it's actually a pretty decent show. Check it out if you have a couple minutes to burn commuting to your beach house or on the shitter.

Also it sounds like we may be getting Kate Bishop on the show soon...