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Baseball Reference Has Finally Updated Alex Bregman's Page To Show His Biggest Sports Accomplishment Yet...Champion Of Mike Trout's Fantasy Football League

It's about time someone has officially recognized Alex Bregman for winning the most famous fantasy football league in the world, which also now happens to have Steven Cheah as it's commissioner. Now I'm not sure what his actual prize was, if it was a trophy or a huge stack of cash, but I do know that the ultimate baseball website has finally recognized him as the champion. Baseball  Reference now lists "Won Mike Trout's Fantasy Football League" under Bregman's "Awards" section on his page and I love that. It shows you how massive this story is, it's arguably one of the funniest sports stories of the year and now we have an actual champion being recognized. It's great to look under the "awards" section on his page and actually see it listed next to his 2018 AL All Star MVP, just some good old fashioned fun there. Now we just have to hope Tommy Pham doesn't find his way to Bregman's page because lord knows he may take offense to this and try to slap it out of the "awards" section. I really do hope Bregman has the trophy on his mantle next to his All Star MVP award. He hasn't been great since a certain scandal broke out, but I'm just happy that he seems to be finding his fantasy groove.