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The Detroit Tigers Have Finally Called Up Riley Greene

The last piece of the Tigers tanking era is officially on the major league roster. This is an incredible opportunity for Greene, a player who has been turning heads since he was drafted in June of 2019. Greene, by all accounts, is probably the most versatile and athletic prospect the Tigers have had in decades. If not for the broken foot in Spring Training, he would've made the Opening Day roster. He has incredible bat speed and quick hands. He lit it up a season ago across two different leagues and was having a tremendous Spring Training this year before suffering the foot injury.

I'm incredibly excited for Riley Greene and can't wait to watch him play for the Tigers. Much like the fanbase, he has waited three years for this, and I hope he delivers. Whatever skepticism I have has no reflection on Riley Greene. In fact, up to this point, Riley Greene has probably exceeded expectations. You never truly know what you'll get out of a high school prospect, but Greene has been at worst steady and at best elite at every level of the minor league that he's played in. While I have my doubts about whether or not he's going to be an everyday centerfielder, he should at least be able to handle a corner outfield spot. Greene is an elite prospect with one fatal flaw, and it's a flaw he can't control. He plays for the Detroit Tigers.

I've never seen a Tigers prospect quite like Riley Greene. He is an amazing talent. He also happens to play for an organization that has shown time and time again that they cannot develop hitters. I've written enough blogs about it, but this current Tigers offense is on pace to be the worst of the modern age. And even if you don't want to blame this current regime for the sins of the past, the amount of failed prospects we've seen in Detroit over the last six years has been staggering. I hope that Greene becomes the one that breaks the mold. And I think he will. If we're just talking about overall intangibles, Riley Greene has the tools to be a multiple-time All-Star at this level. This is also a remarkable amount of pressure to put on a twenty-one-year-old. I wish the circumstances didn't call for Greene to be the guy who needs to jump-start an offense that is reaching historic lows. If there's any silver lining here, all Greene has to do is be league average to be considered the best hitter on this ball club. 

My frustration with this team knows no bounds at this point. But I'd be lying to you if the thought hadn't crossed my mind. What if Riley Greene is the guy? What if he is the generational position player prospect that breaks the mold and becomes the MVP-caliber talent that Tigers fans have desperately been looking for. I so hope he does. I wrote yesterday that Detroit fans deserve better. And while I'll always stand by that, at this rate, my Detroit fans are just looking for something. Riley Greene is something, and hopefully, he's something special. Welcome to the show, kid!