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I Think I Found The Answer To SNL's Decline

As a farmer of weird tiktok shit, I'm used to seeing some horrible shit. Like, truly horrible shit. Shit like this: 

But what makes a video like this guy's rise above the rest is one thing: Effort. This is an highly produced video that required an incredible amount of effort for something that is PAINFULLY unfunny. And it's weird because it's literally for like of trying. This video contains a whopping ZERO jokes which is wild considering it is an audition for the most famous sketch show in history. 

There are a few takeaways for this "audition": 

1. This guy would have crushed it in 2012. At that point in time, people creamed their jeans over quirked up white boy rapping. He still would never get cast on the show, but he would make it onto talk shows and make the rounds for a short time. IMO, he could have been Blippi before Blippi. Although, that would require him to shit into his friends ass beforehand(look it up). 

2. Considering the current state of SNL, he might just be the perfect fit. Every generation thinks that the group they grew up watching on SNL is the best, but I truly don't think anyone will feel that way about the cast from the last 5-10 years. They STINK. So maybe instead of hiring guys that can get into irony level humor like Kyle Mooney an ruining them, just accept that your show is for olds and lean into it by hiring more weeping soyface beardos. 

3. One of the most frustrating things about this guy is that it is undeniable that he has some talent. It's a well produced video, the raps sound good and he has a good voice. It's just the lyrics are dumb as shit and insanely unfunny. By the way, this isn't his worst example...

PAINFUL. But if you're Lorne, I think you honestly have to look into it. Embrace the suck and stop fighting the current.