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Video: Miami Flood Destroys Garage Packed With Top-Of-The-Line McLarens, Rolls-Royce, Corvettes, Ferraris, etc...


According to Kristin Shaw at The Drive:

In the clip posted by Instagram user Florida_Corvette_Owners, 10 or more cars with six-figure price tags are presumably stranded in an underground parking garage after rainstorm flooding. The Drive staff spotted two Rolls-Royce Cullinans (one potentially a Mansory), a C7 Corvette, a Ferrari 488, a Ferrari SF90, a Ferrari Roma, a Plymouth Prowler, a McLaren SLR, and a Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series in the mix, all covered in post-flood muck. It's painful to see it.

No word yet on the extent of the damage to this multimillion-dollar collection, but if I had to hazard a guess, none of this is going to be cheap to fix.

The bigger challenge for the owner or owners of these cars will be to constrain the entire description of what happened into a single box on the insurance form—perhaps use the back of the sheet to write that.

If there was any salt water in that mix the cars are completely screwed, but even if not it will take a ton of work and money to get them back to normal; especially with the electrical systems they have (ok, I have no idea about their electrical systems but I assume $350K+ cars are like rolling genius robots at this day & age??). To dry it out everything has to be stripped & the carpets are usually scrapped, gas & oil have to be drained, the list goes on and on and on... 

Any rich person reading this (Dave?? You in here??) what's the insurance like for this stuff? And - maybe a dumb question, but - can insurance or the car owners sue the garage for not being properly protected? Or do you automatically assume risk wherever you park? And who is parking these kinds of cars at the bottom of a parking garage in one of the most flood prone cities in the USA... So many questions.

To close this out by making it about me, last September we had a storm here in Jersey that turned our street into a river, and because all of the grates got clogged with trash & debris, that river flowed straight down into the garage under our apartment. 

Obviously my car isn't as fancy as the ones above, but it was pretty new & Big Cat had threatened to skull fuck a car dealership for it so I wasn't ready to let go of it after that whole ordeal. Thankfully our car was on the upper level and it only came up to our tires, but all the vehicles below us were wiped out including a beautiful collection of classic cars. Nearly a year later our car still smells like mildew inside because it took several days to gain access to it in the damp garage, & I find myself driving with all the windows down like that will help. 

In the future when the weather is calling for a freak storm I will be driving my car straight into this giant trash bag & then hoisting it up on some jacks. (Or, most likely I'll just sit on my LaZBoy worrying again & double checking my insurance plan.)