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Good Guy With Fork Lift Stops Bad Gal Stealing His Car

On the latest ZeroBlog30 we talk about a case from Queensland, AUS this week where a fork lift stopped a woman from stealing a car... The quick-thinking car owner who caught her in the act raced to his fork lift, zoomed over to his car & proceeded to raise it seven feet in the air with the woman still inside. Pretty embarrassing to be slowly lowered down as the cops wait to open the door & arrest you..

Also on this episode: 

-Police catch a woman hiding a pistol in her ya-know (vagina)... Plus, how much bulk can the average human hold in their ass (#science)

-The shitty reason a major fire started in Arizona

-The world is getting more serious about UFOs and China might be the latest country to have major contact 

-For a small price you can now sponsor you own Ukrainian artillery round, and they'll even write whatever you want on it before they send it blasting towards the Russians

-The PACT Act has passed with overwhelming bipartisan support and will help millions of veterans who were exposed to dangerous toxins (ex: burn pits, tainted water, etc.) throughout their careers. 

-Rep. Chip Roy of Texas - you've got fire watch, bitcc.

In closing, please don't go crazy with your fork lifts this weekend unless you need it to stop a major crime. And please update the safety brief before you start your weekend: