I Am Sorry

To the AWLs 

It’s a privilege to be on PMT, and it’s a slap in the face to those that I work with and those who listen if I do not show more responsibility. Today is one of those days I would try not to read the replies because they are going to be rightfully tough. Truth hurts, and I am going to take my medicine. I am sorry for my actions and the disrespect I showed Dan, PFT, Hank, Memes, Jake, Liam, and Evan, as well as everyone else at the company, and those who listen to the content, buy merch, or simply exist. Actions speak louder than words, but I feel I need to iterate these to know I am taking this seriously.

Sorry again.

I was going to Notes app, but at this point, I feel notes app apologies are disingenuous.

I was totally delusional in thinking it is harder to put up blog numbers now than it was in the early 2010s. I didn't take responsibility for my own actions, and that was a cop-out. 

This was another bad excuse that is absolutely false. (Editor's note: It's downright hysterical Billy called going to a Yankees game with tickets from GameTime App "entertaining clients". I wish he would stand by that.)

I had 0 business dealings in the past 3 days, and everything I was attending was absolute leisure and 0 work. I am not making light of this situation but hoping this conveys I am taking responsibility. Looking back on this situation, I should have just taken ownership and moved on. 

Here is the PMT YouTube, where I did not give 100% effort at the beginning of the show. I have no excuse for that. 

I hope no one thinks I am making light of this situation I am trying to take accountability. 

I work with the hardest working people in content, and I am doing them a disservice with my actions. When everything is public, there is no place to hide. 



Editor's note: Billy feels really bad. As he should. He has one of the best jobs in the world and he doesn't treat it like what it is- a job. I will say though, I do think he works harder than people give him credit for. I think the problem is, 1) he never had a real job, and 2) people don't treat Barstool like a real job. And at Barstool, you can get by working 5-10 hours a week. Billy can't though, because he works on PMT which is the biggest podcast in the world, and works along side Big Cat and PFT who both put in more hours than the President of the United States. So Billy can't coast. Yes, part of Billy's charm is he's a baby giraffe learning how to walk, and it's great, but you can't be too drunk on a Thursday to do your job. Just can't do it. I think he will figure it out though.