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A Man On TikTok Is Breeding A 1.4 Million Frog Army

This might be bioterrorism guys! This English tik tokker has seemingly created an army of frogs that has totally wreaked havoc on the entire ecosystem and neighborhood he resides in. 

Frogs lay millions of eggs because they are not all supposed to survive. They are all supposed to be eaten by other species like birds and bigger frogs. The way that these frogs have been cultivated and sheltered means the average ratio of eggs that survive to adulthood is like 1 in 30 has been artificially jacked up to 1 in 2. That's 15x more frogs. The environment is not built to take on that many frogs. Biologists are very concerned:

Dawood Qureshi, a marine biologist and researcher for BBC Wildlife tells that mass-breeding frogs like this can have several ‘adverse effects’.

‘Breeding that many frogs is definitely not good for the environment,’ she says.

‘It can cause an influx in frogs that wouldn’t normally survive in this environment, and that can have adverse effects such as too many predators of various insect species being released without many natural limits, which then decreases numbers of insects and can in turn have a negative impact on important processes such as pollination — a process that ensures food plants are growing and thriving.’

The Frog Army may raise a legality issue as well as an ecological issue. 

There is also the take that this tik-tokker has faked the whole ordeal.

Some of the footage looks similar to other youtube videos.

I mean, this guy is basically a supervillain he wanted to raise a large army of frogs for the fun of it. 

It has exactly that Jurassic Park Vibe. The thing is, this type of frog cultivation is not rare. Tons of different cultures do it. 

The big difference is they eat the frogs and don't give them free rein of the neighborhood.

Hopefully, some birds or larger predators come in to control the population. Realistically the habitat won't be able to sustain the frogs, and they will end up just cannibalizing each other. Leaving a rat island scenario where one super frog cannibal rules the land. Cool story worth the listen.